Book On Appalachia's Melungeon People Reveals Complicated History


On this West Virginia Morning, we’ll talk to some Appalachians who identify as Melungeon.

The West Virginia Senate Education Committee has approved a bill that would allow homeschool and private school students to participate in public school extracurricular activities under the state’s Secondary School Activities Commission. Dave Mistich reports.

eSports are becoming more and more popular across the nation with leagues and tournaments popping up more frequently both online and in person. A bar in Wheeling recently hosted an event to see how a league playing a classic video game would fair. Corey Knollinger has more.

And finally, the Melungeon people of east Tennessee were isolated and discriminated against throughout much of their history. They began to be “othered” in the 1800s for being mixed-race Appalachians. Eric Douglas spoke with two people who are Melungeon about how they’re trying to reshape the narrative. This story is part of an occasional series of interviews with Appalachian authors.

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