Caroline MacGregor Published

Berkeley County Sheriff Announces Plans To Resign 

A brown gavel rests on a table while blurred books are shown in the background.Pixel-Shot/Adobe Stock

Berkeley County Sheriff Nathan Harmon plans to step down from his position later this month. 

The sheriff’s voluntary decision to resign on Dec. 26 is part of a plea agreement over an investigation into a car crash that involved his daughter on January 12 near Martinsburg.

In October, a Berkeley County Grand Jury handed down four indictments against Harmon; two counts for obstruction and two counts of providing false information to a state trooper about a breath test at the scene of the crash. He was also accused of erasing or concealing GPS tracking data from his daughter’s vehicle and lying about it.

In a plea deal, the sheriff agreed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor offense of obstructing a law enforcement officer. In return, the three additional misdemeanor charges filed against him, including providing false information to a state trooper, will be dropped. 

Harmon also faces a $500 fine.