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Antero Plans Wastewater Treatment Plant in Doddridge County

Doddridge County

Antero plans to build a plant in Doddridge County that will treat wastewater from natural gas drilling.

Vice president of finance and administration Al Schopp says construction is expected to begin sometime during the first quarter of 2016.

Schopp tells The Exponent Telegram that the company is awaiting some permits for the plant.

The plant will employ 21 workers and create 250 temporary jobs during construction.

Wastewater will be trucked to the plant and turned into fresh water, which will be piped back to Antero’s wells.

Schopp says the company plans to sell salt extracted during the process for an industrial purpose.

Sludge produced during the process will be trucked to an undetermined landfill. Schopp says the company is looking at building a landfill in Doddridge County.