Randy Yohe Published

Ancient W.Va. Water lines, Worn Out Water Plants Getting Upgrades

Gov. Jim Justice sitting at his desk wearing a green tie in honor of St. Patrick’s Day as he signs into law the state’s budget bill HB 2024 on Friday, March 17, 2023.
Gov. Jim Justice signs off on receiving matching federal funds along with completed legislation.
WV Governor's Office

A combination of federal, state and local funding will help improve water systems in three areas of the state.

In his Wednesday media briefing, Gov Jim Justice announced about $1.1 million in non-federal matching funds. That means work can go ahead on major water plant upgrades in Shady Spring, Alderson and the Berkeley County Public Service Water District.

The advancements include enhancing clean water capacity and fire protection, replacing aging main lines and proactive efforts to prevent future water system failures. A full breakdown on the three projects can be found here.

Justice said the state can’t pass up Congressionally Directed Spending project funds. 

“All this totals and spins into $3.75 million,” Justice said. “It’s good stuff and a lot of different areas across the state. It’s really good.”

Justice said these water system upgrades boost the state’s economic growth and enhance the quality of citizen life.