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Airport, Chemical Company Want Spill Lawsuits Dismissed

An airport and a chemical producer want claims dismissed in a lawsuit partly targeting them over a January chemical spill.

In U.S. District Court in Charleston, Yeager Airport filed a motion Tuesday to dismiss claims in the wide-spanning lawsuit. Plaintiffs say the Charleston airport’s now-complete runway project contributed to the spill that left 300,000 residents without clean water for days.

The lawsuit says Yeager didn’t safeguard against stormwater runoff, which let water flow to Freedom Industries and erode a tank’s foundation.

Yeager’s motion says it generally can’t be sued as a government agency.

Eastman Chemical, producer of one spilled chemical, says plaintiffs didn’t allege life-threatening conditions from contaminated water exposure. Its motion says plaintiffs didn’t provide proof it broke environmental laws.

Fourteen businesses and individuals sued numerous companies and executives.