Ashton Marra Published

After Election Takeover, Republican Leaders Outline Priorities


This election cycle was a historic one for West Virginians, electing a Republican majority in both the state House and Senate and sending all but one Republican to Congress to represent the state. Those state and federal leaders in met in Charleston Monday to discuss their path forward.

Senator-elect Shelley Moore Capito fronted the group of lawmakers during a press conference at the Capitol after a morning meeting amongst party leaders. Capito says the state’s Congressional delegation plans to work closely with in-waiting House Speaker Tim Armstead and Senate President Bill Cole in the upcoming year to move their issues forward.

“I think what we saw in the 2014 election was dramatic change both at the federal level and even more dramatic here at the state level and that’s because of the assault on our energy industries,” said Capito. “We want to talk about an energy policy that includes everything, certainly at the state level that’s important to maximize our natural gas resource.”

Speaker Armstead agreed that supporting the energy industry to create jobs is a priority at the state level but, says federal lawmakers can also help strengthen the state in other areas.

“Job creation is largely a factor of our infrastructure, our tax structure, our education system and our legal and regulatory climate so I think you’re going to see a lot of initiative in those areas,” said Armstead.

Congressman David McKinley says both Congressional and state leaders would like to meet quarterly in Charleston to keep an open dialogue about initiatives at both the state and federal level.