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Absentee Ballots To Be Mailed Beginning This Weekend

Man looks into mailbox containing envelopes
Eligible West Virginia residents who requested an absentee ballot for this year's primary election could receive them as soon as Friday.
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West Virginia voters who applied for absentee ballots will receive them as early as Friday.

Nearly 1,200 voters applied for an absentee ballot for the 2024 primary election, according to data from Secretary of State Mac Warner.

Absentee ballots are distributed by the county clerk from each voter’s county of residence.

In West Virginia, only some residents qualify for absentee ballots. They include residents living overseas, military service members who are actively deployed out of state and individuals with a disability that prevents them from voting in person without assistance.

In West Virginia, this year’s primary election will be held May 14, with early voting from May 1 to May 11.

For more information on absentee voting in West Virginia, visit GoVoteWv.com, which is published through the secretary of state’s office.