A Closer Look at Ohio Valley Coal Ash Impoundments


On this West VIrginia Morning, coal has long powered the Ohio Valley. But it left behind a legacy of waste: dozens of massive coal ash disposal sites. As the Trump administration changes the regulation of coal ash, the Ohio Valley ReSource and partner station WFPL have analyzed new data from the region’s waste sites. The analysis found widespread evidence that coal ash sites are leaking contaminants into surrounding groundwater.

In the first of a three-part series, reporters Brittany Patterson and Ryan Van Velzer share what they found and what it might mean for nearby communities.

Also on today’s show, research has shown that going outside has many health benefits: increased physical activity and vitamin D levels, improved concentration, you’re more likely to feel happier and you may even heal faster. Yet Americans are spending less and less time outdoors. In a new summer series, health reporter Kara Lofton takes us to some of Appalachia’s hidden gems and examines the health benefits of getting out and exploring them. In this introductory piece, she talks to a variety of experts about exercise, mental health and nature.

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