Ashton Marra Published

Where Do I Vote? Pew Can Point You in the Right Direction


Over the past few months, you’ve no doubt been battered by an onslaught of campaign advertisements from the candidates themselves and from outside organizations trying to sway your opinion.

Now that early voting has started in West Virginia, campaigns are ramping up their outreach to voters, but even after you make your decisions, do you know where to go to voice those opinions? Sometimes finding your polling place can be harder than you think.

The Pew Charitable Trusts’ Voting Information Project is looking to make voting as easy as possible for voters across the country.

Combining resources from Google, Facebook, Twitter and many, many others, the organization has created a new website where you, the voter, can simply type in your mailing address and your early voting location, polling place for Election Day and a sample ballot are all provided in seconds or less. The site also offers the hours of operation for polling places and a link to directions.

“We joined forces to make official election information available where people look for it most—online and on mobile devices,” said Zach Markovits, who manages Pew’s Voting Information Project.

“Get to the Polls” provides information for voters in all 50 states and the District of Columbia quickly and for free.

West Virginia’s Secretary of State’s Office provides a similar service for free on their website as well. Voters can search for their polling place by simply typing in their name.