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What's Next For West Virginia? Share Your 6 Words

What's Next

How would you describe the future of West Virginia in six words? We want to know as part of our digital project, What’s Next for West Virginia

Here’s your chance to join the conversation and offer six words that reflect what you feel is next for the state.
You can submit your words (and view other responses) through our project page at
Feel free to add a photo, a video, or a link to another website to really get your point across.
You can also use other social media to make a submission:
1. Send us a tweet.

2. Make a post on Facebook.

3. Take a photo with Instagram.

But, when you do, be sure to tag it with #WVNextIn6.

If you don’t use one of these social media platforms but still would like to participate, it’s possible.

You can give your six words in the submission box below. We’ll publish your response right along with everyone else’s.

Here’s a look at a few examples of submissions we’ve already received:

One submission hinted at the recent spill into the Elk River by Freedom Industries and water crisis that affected 300,000 West Virginians across nine counties.


Others focused on the state’s energy industries:


And many others were more broad and open-ended: