Ashton Marra Published

What the Third Parties Have to Offer in the Race for U.S. Senate


When voters take to the polling place this November, they’ll decide between five candidates vying for Sen. Jay Rockefeller’s seat in the U.S. Senate. Most will recognize the names ‘Tennant’ and ‘Capito,’ but what about Baber, Buckley, and Hudok?

The three third party candidates for Senate, Bob Henry Baber of the Mountain Party, John Buckley of the Libertarian Party and Phil Hudok of the Constitution Party, talk about what they have to offer West Virginians when representing them at the federal level. 

They discuss the economy, the environment and healthcare, as well as why it’s important to include their voices in the overall debate.

Dr. Neil Berch of West Virginia University and Dr. George Davis of Marshall University discuss the history of third parties in the country and if including their voices help or hurts the political process.

Dave Boucher of the Charleston Daily Mail and Mandi Cardosi of the State Journal wrap up the show with a discussion of the Supreme Court’s decision this week to add a replacement candidate to the ballot in the House of Delegates 35th District race.