Dave Mistich Published

West Virginian Cites Video Game Experience in Application for Coaching Job


  Marshall University graduate and systems integration analyst Chris McComas wants to become the next head coach of the North Dakota Fighting Sioux football team. The way he went about applying for the job is genius.

He began his pursuit for the position by emailing Brian Faison, the athletic director of the university. In that email McComas attached a hilarious Powerpoint presentation detailing his coaching philosophy that wasn’t short of brazen confidence.

Sports websites like Deadspin began picking up the story.

McComas even landed an endorsement to become the coach at North Dakota from another popularsports website, SB Nation.

Local media personalities around West Virginia began to rally him on, using the hashtag #chuckthepigskin.

And then media in North Dakota began showing their support.

As did other locals and football enthusiasts.

And then national mainstream media, like ABC World News and CBS Sports, got in on the story.

Thursday morning, McComas was keeping the dream alive, mapping out his go-to Hail Mary.

Even EA Sports, the maker of the Madden and NCAA Football video games, has been getting in on the fun: