Weirton Holds Tight to Memories of the Past Amid Economic Decline


On this West Virginia Morning, we continue a series that considers how some communities in our region have been impacted by deindustrialization. We also hear the latest in our ongoing series, “Wild, Wondering West Virginia.”

In the fourth episode of “What Happened to Weirton,” titled Where is God Today?, producer Ella Jennings spent time in some old Weirton, West Virginia hangouts. We bring you a segment of that episode.

Jessica Lilly spoke with Ella to learn more about why she wanted to focus on her community’s story of change, and why it led to her decision to stay in West Virginia, at least for the time being. We bring you some of that conversation.

Ella’s project was part of her Masters’ Thesis in Journalism at West Virginia University.

In our ongoing “Wild, Wondering West Virginia” series, Trish Hatfield’s question won in the latest voting round of popular questions. Trish, from St. Albans asked, “Where does the phrase, ‘West By God Virginia’ come from?” Our reporter Liz McCormick got in touch with her to learn more about her curiosity. 

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