Ashton Marra Published

Water Distribution for Kanawha Co.: Monday, Feb. 10- Friday, Feb. 14,, 2014

Kanawha County Commission

Kanawha County and City of Charleston Bulk Water Sites for Monday, February 10, 2014.

Bulk Water-Bring Your Own Containers
Crossing Mall – Elkview
Walmart Parking Lot – Quincy
Shawnee Park – Institute
Old Big Sandy Parking Lot – Cross Lanes
Big Lots Parking Lot –Patrick Street – Charleston

The tanker at Shawnee Park will not be deployed on Tuesday, February 11 due to a mechanical problem.  It will be repaired and then filled in Huntington and redeployed on Wednesday, February 12. 

Bulk Water Tankers and Buffaloes will remain at locations each day until 5:00 p.m. due to temperatures which are expected to drop below freezing nightly. 

The bulk tankers and buffaloes are being provided by West Virginia American Water Company and are being filled in Huntington and Montgomery.  If the tankers or buffaloes run out of water, they will be pulled and then driven to Huntington or Montgomery to be refilled.  Due to the travel time and filling time, the bulk containers may be offsite for several hours.

If temperatures are below freezing in the morning hours, it is possible that the deployment of the tankers and buffaloes will be delayed.