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Wastewater from Freedom Spill Sent to Ohio, North Carolina

Freedom Industries

Wastewater containing a chemical that spilled into the water supply for 300,000 West Virginians is heading to Ohio and North Carolina.
State Department of Environmental Protection spokeswoman Kelley Gillenwater says Freedom Industries started sending wastewater to an Ohio underground injection control well site this week.
The material was vacuumed out of Freedom’s tanks and the Elk River. Freedom was storing it at its Nitro facility.
The same material was being mixed with sawdust and sent to a Hurricane landfill. Waste Management voluntarily stopped transporting the chemical. A judge issued a temporary ban last month against DEP letting material be dumped in the landfill.
Other wastewater was sent this week to North Carolina and Ohio treatment plants.
The Jan. 9 Freedom spill in Charleston spurred a water-use ban for days.