Caitlin Tan Published

W.Va. To Start Distributing Medical Cannabis In The Spring, Announces Processors


West Virginia is moving forward with a plan to distribute medical cannabis in 2021, a project that has been in progress for three years now.

State health officials announced Friday, Nov. 13 which counties would receive permits to process medical cannabis requests. There were 10 processor permits awarded to Cabell, Harrison, Upshur, Berkeley, Roane, Mineral, Greenbrier and Raleigh counties. Of those permits, two were given to Upshur and Raleigh counties.

“This is an important step to ensure that medical cannabis is made available to residents with serious medical conditions while also generating economic activity throughout West Virginia,” said Jason Frame, director of the West Virginia Office of Medical Cannabis.

The permits will allow companies to process the plant into acceptable products under the West Virginia Medical Cannabis Act from 2017. Such products could include pills, oil, topical ointments, dry leaf, tincture, liquid or dermal patches.

The next and last phase is certifying dispensers. Dispensaries will take the product from the processors and get it to those in need. State leaders hope to begin distributing medical cannabis cards to consumers with a valid medical condition by next Spring.