Shepherd Snyder Published

W.Va. Summer Camps Receive COVID-19 Test Kits


Summer camps across the state are set to receive free COVID-19 test kits to help prepare for the busy season.

As of Friday, the state’s Center for Threat Preparedness has given more than 18,000 rapid test kits to 32 camps.

“We actually had an inquiry from one of the camps here in West Virginia about what they can do to be a little safer when you’re bringing camp members and staff members into their camp this year,” said Tim Priddy, the center’s director. “Through a discussion between myself and the state epidemiologist, we took a look at what we can do to best serve our camps, campers and staff members.”

Priddy says the decision to distribute the tests came about as more programs reopen their doors to campers.

“Letting them socialize and interact with each other was important,” Priddy said. “And seeing the camps were willing to go on this year where some did not last year and the summer previous, we wanted to make sure that we did our part to help do that safely.”

Priddy says the center is willing to send more kits to camps as needed.

“The arrangements that we made with the camps were that they were to request all of the test kits that they would need to test every camper and every staff member,” Priddy said.

He also reminds campers to follow COVID-19 guidelines as best as possible.

Summer camps interested in receiving test kits can contact their local health department.