W.Va.'s Airfield History And The Investigation, Lawsuit Continues For Unregulated Landfill


On this West Virginia Morning, ever wonder what it would be like to fly in a small plane around West Virginia? We hear another story about West Virginia’s airplane industry and its remaining airfields. Also, in this show, we hear more about an unregulated landfill near South Charleston, Kanawha County that has been polluting a creek in the area for decades.

Heavy manufacturing such as steel and chemicals helped build many Ohio Valley towns. Today, much of that work has gone global, leaving behind a legacy of contamination with old polluted sites still emerging. A new lawsuit alleges chemical giant Union Carbide for decades failed to report a dump site in South Charleston, West Virginia, that is leaking toxic pollutants into a nearby creek. Brittany Patterson has more.

The southern coalfields in West Virginia were once home to a lot of airfields – landing strips for airplanes. Today there are 28, and some are dormant, but in the mid-1900s there were at least 40 active airfields. Our southern coalfields reporter Caitlin Tan looked into what happened to the industry.

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