Randy Yohe Published

W.Va. Health Officer Amjad Stepping Down


Dr. Ayne Amjad announced Tuesday she is leaving her position as Commissioner and State Health Officer for the Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) Bureau of Public Health.

“It’s been probably the highlight of my career and my life to actually serve with you and then our entire team here on the pandemic leadership team, as well as DHHR,” Amjad said. “The reason I am stepping back is just to return to my clinical practice. I do miss seeing my patients. That’s a great bond for me and a great way for me to know really what’s going on so I do miss that part of this role. However, I’m very happy to stay on and serve as needed, as long as I can.”

During the regular coronavirus briefing, Gov. Jim Justice said Amjad will serve on a contracted basis as his senior advisor to the State Health Officer and Commissioner of the Bureau of Public Health. He said she will still be involved in the coronavirus briefings. He praised her service to the state.

“Dr. Amjad came on the job and really stepped up at a time when we really really needed somebody,” Justice said. “Her degrees are unbelievable. She is so smart, it’s just off the charts and so kind and good at what she does.”

Amjad has been the state health officer since July 2020 and part of West Virginia’s pandemic response leadership team. She will leave her position on October 1.