Liz McCormick Published

W.Va. Department of Transportation Creates Interactive, Online Map of Road Projects

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The West Virginia Department of Transportation has released an all-new, interactive, online map that shows every current road project across the state — for both primary and secondary roads.

The map provides real-time statistics on how much road work has been completed across a variety of categories, including Gov. Jim Justice’s Secondary Roads Maintenance initiative and the Roads to Prosperity program. 

Secretary of Transportation Byrd White said in a press release the map was created in an effort to be transparent with the public about road issues.

“Under the leadership of Governor Justice, we have stated that we were going to provide a way to show the public, in a transparent way, the progress we have made in a short amount of time,” White said. “This interactive website allows everyone who’s interested to see what’s been done and what will be done, before the end of the year. It’s pretty remarkable.”

See below for a tutorial on how to use the map:

Road problems, specifically on secondary roads, were the focus of heated discussion and contention during the regular 2019 state legislative session. Since then, the West Virginia DOT has released lists for each county showing all secondary road projects. 

The new interactive map displays all road projects for 2019, including projects that are underway, those about to be started, and those completed.

To date, more than 30,000 miles of projects have been completed, including ditching, patching, paving and road stabilization.