Randy Yohe Published

W.Va. Company Brings Green Power Industry To The Nation


DC America is a start-up electric charging station manufacturer out of Milton, West Virginia.

The company’s president, Nathan Bowen, said a local electric firm and general construction firm partnered to build American made charging stations for the country’s planned electric powered car and truck expansion.

“We’ll install the stations. But we’ll also sell and ship to others across the country,” Bowen said. “If they have local contractors, they can install them themselves. We’ve got licenses all across the United States.”

Bowen said the stations use technology that limits underground disturbance and single point connection cuts installation time from weeks to days.

“Typically, a large DC fast charging station might take six to 10 weeks to construct,” Bowen said. “We can do this in our manufacturing facility, bring it out to the site, and then have it rapidly deployed. Within a day or two, you’ve got a working charging station.”

Bowen says DC America’s sales force is lining up advance orders statewide, and nationally, for patent pending delivery in 2023 — orders that include the electric powered fleet charging market.

”They have large trucks,” Bowen said. “There’s a lot of demand in those industries to go towards electrification just because of the cost of electricity. It’s a lot cheaper than running diesel trucks and the cost of maintenance.”

Bowen said the multi-port units cost from $1 to $1.5 million depending on location and utility availability.

West Virginia is committed to having electric vehicle charging stations along all its interstates within five years.