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UMWA Labor Day Rally, River Boat Workers Discuss Future, & Hope for an Endangered Species

West Virginia Morning

This Labor Day, members of the United Mine Workers of America marched eleven miles from the town of Marmet in West Virginia to Racine. As Emily Allen reports, the route traces part of a much longer journey miners made almost a century ago. 

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service took a rare species of plant off the endangered species list August 28. Amid controversial proposals to change the law protecting rare species, the Running Buffalo Clover is an example of a successful recovery. Glynis Board went to the woods with some experts to find it and has this story.

Also in this West Virginia Morning, a river barge company called Amherst Madison has been towing coal barges for most of its long history. But a downturn in coal production meant the company had to look to other ways to stay afloat.

Roxy Todd went to talk with some of the people who work at Amherst Madison about how they see the future of the river boat industry. And while she expected to talk economics with them, the conversation took an unexpected turn.