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Two Clay County Brothers Are First To Complete WVPB's Library Pathfinders Program


The Library Pathfinders program launched in June 2021, and the WVPB Education Department received its first two completions of the program earlier this week.

Zion, 4, and Malachi Davis, 7, brothers from Clay County, are the first “Pathfinders” to “create the path for others to follow,” the basis for which the program was built.

Library Pathfinders is a virtual experience offered to children pre-K through 5th grade across the Mountain State. Currently, five West Virginia libraries participate, and they can be visited by youth without leaving their homes.

The program exists to give children the ability to visit libraries across the Mountain State, an opportunity some may not normally get to experience.

Marion Davis, Zion and Malachi’s mother, was both pleased with the program and excited her children had this unique experience. ““I think it’s important to keep kids involved with our local libraries. They have so much to offer, and this program helps keep kids engaged”, said Davis. “Malachi and Zion enjoyed the videos, stories and virtual trips to libraries we might not otherwise get to visit. ‘I Know An Old Teacher’ was their favorite book from the series and they told me all about it.”

Tara Holstein, Boone-Madison Public Library interim director, is the librarian responsible for the “I Know An Old Teacher” segment of the program. When told that her segment was Zion and Malachi’s favorite, she was thrilled that they liked her choice. “I am just glad that the kids enjoyed the book,” said Holstein. “It is my go-to, and kids always love it. I am thankful for this program and the joy it produced for these children.”

WVPB education specialist Harrison Evans said it was gratifying to know that the program provides a strong enrichment activity for children across the state. “I am glad to see all the long hours and hard work put into this program pay off,” Evans said. “I am thankful for the people who helped make Library Pathfinders possible, and I hope to see more ‘Pathfinders’ as the year progresses.”

If you would like to become the next “Pathfinder,” visit https://tv.wvpublic.org/education/library-pathfinders/ and begin your journey today. To advance through the program, click a county on the Pathfinder Map, complete the associated activity and write the codeword in your Pathfinder Journal. More information about the program can be found in this article.

For questions, Evans can be reached at hevans@wvpublic.org.