Liz McCormick Published

Transportation and Tourism Infrastructure Grants Awarded to Eastern Panhandle

Lodge in Cacapon Resort State Park, Morgan County, W.Va., May 2008

Gov. Jim Justice’s office made two announcements Friday all related to infrastructure in the Eastern Panhandle.

Gov. Justice was in Morgan County for a ground-breaking ceremony for major improvements at Cacapon Resort State Park.

The project will receive more than $25 million and is expected to bring upgrades to Cacapon Resort and provide additional attractions for visitors in the Eastern Panhandle, according to a news release.

Justice said awards like these for West Virginia’s parks will boost tourism and attract vacationers.

“Our parks are some of the most beautiful places in the world you’ll ever see, and I am following through on my promise to update and improve our parks to make them more attractive,” said Justice. “These improvements will make Cacapon an even more attractive vacation destination in the Eastern Panhandle and bring more tourism dollars to West Virginia.”

Projects include 78 additional guest rooms, a dining room, a lounge, a spa and an indoor pool at Cacapon Lodge. Existing facilities will also receive major upgrades, including remodeling each existing guest room, creating new conference space, renovating the lobby and upgrading utility and electrical equipment.

Construction is already underway and is being performed by Paramount Builders of Saint Albans. Work is expected to be completed by 2020. The project is being funded by bonds financed with excess lottery revenue.

Also, on Friday, Justice announced state and federal grants to improve transportation alternatives and recreational trails in the Eastern Panhandle region.

  • Corporation of Harpers Ferry: Harpers Ferry High Street Improvement Project is being recommended for $320,000 in federal funding. This is for the construction of two blocks of replacement sidewalk within the business district of Harpers Ferry. The total project cost is $400,000.
  • Appalachian Trail Conservancy: Loudoun Heights A.T. Relocation is being recommended for $40,000 in federal funding. This is to construct approximately 1,540 linear feet of new trail along the Appalachian National Scenic Trail outside the Town of Harpers Ferry. The total project cost is $50,000.
  • Town of Bath: Town of Bath/Berkeley Springs Streetscape is being recommended for $380,000 in federal funding. This is for the construction of a walkable complete streetscape plan including sidewalks, curbs, landscaping elements, lighting and pedestrian amenities within the main 6 block core business area in the Town of Bath. The total project cost is $475,000.
  • Town of Bath: Berkeley Springs State Park Improvements is being recommended for $300,800 in federal funds. This is for the construction of walkways and bridges in the Town of Bath within the Berkeley Springs State Park. The total project cost is $376,000.

The West Virginia Transportation Alternatives and Recreational Trails Program is administered by the West Virginia Department of Transportation and funded by the Federal Highway Administration.