Thousands Of Children In Foster Care, W.Va. Lawmakers Discuss How To Tackle It


On The Legislature Today, we discuss West Virginia children in crisis and a foster care system under the microscope. The new Senate Select Committee on Children and Families had its first meeting where the dire needs of the state’s 10,000 homeless students and 7,000 foster children are the focus. Reporter Roxy Todd also joins our program to lead a discussion with state lawmakers on the issue.

Staff at the state Department of Health and Human Resources often struggle to find quality foster families to take in children in need of homes. Roxy Todd visited with foster families to learn more.

Sen. Patricia Rucker, a member of the Senate Select Committee on Children and Families, Del. Barbara Evans Fleischauer, Minority Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, and Sen. John Unger, member of the Senate Health and Human Resources Committee join our program for a discussion on foster care needs.

Tomorrow on The Legislature Today, join us for our Friday reporter’s conversation about all the activity this week at the Capitol, and we look ahead to what’s on the legislative calendar next week.