‘The Return Is Immense,’ Curator Says Arts Change Lives, Builds Culture


It was Arts Day at the Capitol. We spotlight the activities from the day, and we bring you a special report on an educational effort by the West Virginia Humanities Council.

Host Suzanne Higgins speaks with senior reporter Dave Mistich and reporter Emily Allen for an update on the state budget and other bills.

Higgins also speaks with West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture and History’s curator and commissioner Randall Reid-Smith.

West Virginians from all over the state visited the Capitol to promote their passions for creativity. Randy Yohe reports.

We spotlight one of the educational efforts under the West Virginia Humanities Council. Reporter Caitlin Tan brings us this story on the Folklife Apprentice Program.

Friday on the Legislature Today, Higgins will be joined by statehouse reporters for a status report as we enter the final week of the 2019 West Virginia Legislative session.