Ashton Marra Published

The Presidential Race from the Viewpoint of West Virginians


On this week’s episode of Viewpoint, host Ashton Marra talks presidential politics with West Virginia native Paige Lavender, senior politics editor with The Huffington Post

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Lavender discusses the Wednesday evening NBC forum where both Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton appeared on the same stage, although separately, to discuss national security and their qualifications to be the next command-in-chief.

Reporter Anne Li brings us the latest from the courtroom as the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals hears oral arguments in a case involving a former state senator who now wants to be placed on November’s ballot as an independent running for Kanawha County Clerk.

The Pew Charitable Trusts updates its Election Performance Index, or EPI, after every major election, and the 2014 results show West Virginia is actually improving when it comes to the administration of its elections. MIT Political Science Professor Charles Stewart, who has worked with Pew on the project since its creation in 2008, talks about the importance of West Virginia’s improvements.