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The Poetry Break: Richard Hague


Richard Hague was raised in that northern outpost of Appalachia, Steubenville, Ohio, and has lived his adult life in another Appalachian city of Ohio, Cincinnati.  The author of over eight books of poetry, and numerous chapbooks, his collected volume, During the Recent Extinctions, won the prestigious Weatherford Award as the finest book of poetry published in Appalachia in 2013.  

"Much as I'd like to claim it," Harshman said, "Hague is, for my money, the truest heir of James Wright I know."

Dick is the kind of poet easy to admire.  He simply gets it done, going about his work as a masterful high school English teacher for decades while quietly turning out wonderful poems day after day, year after year.

Found here with permission from Dos Madres Press, selections from Hague’s book of poetry: During the Recent Extinctions.

  • Giant Catfish, 1955
  • “Measuring the Energy” [207] from a longer sequence titled Outerbelt Elegies
  • Reading Him To Sleep
  • My Grandfather’s Mandolin
  • “Carried Up” from 2 Poems Over 50 Years
  • Slugs