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The Poetry Break: Nikki Giovanni


She was born in Knoxville and raised in Cincinnati. The poems of Nikki Giovanni reflect her pride as both a black American woman, and an author with deep roots in Appalachia.  She is revered not only for her poetry but for her work as essayist, children’s author, activist, and teacher. The recipient of 7 NAACP Image Awards, the Langston Hughes medal, a Grammy nominee, National Book Award finalist – her achievements are unique and impressive.

"Nikki simply writes poems filled with incredible delights and ecstatic joys, poems which exhibit a fierce hunger for honesty and justice," Harshman said.

Found here from The Collected Poetry of Nikki Giovanni: 1968-1998

  • Knoxville, Tennessee 
  • Winter Poem
  • I Wrote A Good Omelet
  • We
  • Poetry

And from Giovanni’s audio CD recording of Harpers Collins Press:

  • The Life I Led
  • For 2 Pac Shakur