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The Poetry Break: Linda Pastan


Linda Pastan has had a prolific career during the course of which she won the Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize and twice was named a finalist for the National Book Award. She is, as well, past poet laureate of Maryland.

"I adore the way Pastan offers in her poems a voice at once familiar and commanding and always pointing toward the mystery of being a human being born to imagine," said Harshman.

Heard here: 

  • Rachel
  • Time Travel
  • Somewhere in the World
  • Notes From the Delivery Room
  • The Happiest Day

Selections were pulled from Carnival Evening by Linda Pastan, Published by W.W. Norton & Company. Copyright 2011, 1998 by Linda Pastan. Used by permission of Linda Pastan in care of the Jean V. Naggar Literacy Agency, Inc. (