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The Poetry Break: George Ella Lyon


Host Marc Harshman calls her, “the most ‘can-do-anything’ poet in America.” George Ella Lyon is a novelist, essayist, teacher, activist, musician, lyricist, children’s author, playwright, and poet. She was named poet laureate of Kentucky in 2015.

"This is the room that made us who we were:/ book lovers, scholars, people of the word,/ who found a safe place between hard covers." -George Ella Lyon

Lyon says she has always loved songs, poems, and stories. “Since I was a shy kid,” Lyon wrote, “it was natural for me to use writing to express feelings and thoughts I couldn’t just say. Gradually I discovered that not only did writing help me express myself, it could be exciting, joyful, and comforting in itself. I realized I loved making things out of words. That’s why I became a writer.”

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This selection was pulled from Lyon’s most recent publications Many Storied House, used with permission by George Ella Lyon and the University Press of Kentucky.