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The Oldest Town In The State And Our Song Of The Week, This West Virginia Morning


On this West Virginia Morning, Shepherdstown and Romney both lay claim to being the oldest town in West Virginia – but there’s some confusion as to which town is actually correct. Shepherd Snyder spoke to Appalachian historian and Shepherd University professor Benjamin Bankhurst about why the answer is more complicated than it appears.

Also, in this show, officials are encouraging vigilance as smoke from intense Canadian wildfires makes its way south on changing wind patterns. Emily Rice has more.

The nation’s drug czar visited West Virginia University Thursday as the start of a multi-day tour of the state. As Chris Schulz reports, the purpose of the trip is to discuss local and national efforts to address the overdose epidemic.

And, this week’s encore episode of Mountain Stage features one of Americana music’s most heralded and admired writers, James McMurtry. Our Song of the Week is McMurtry’s song “Vaquero,” where his writing manages to capture the unique human experience in particularly vivid ways.

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