Jim Lange Published

The Boys Are Back


Never say never, especially in the world of King Crimson.  

Fans of King Crimson, a band whose history stretches back to 1969, must have all thought that band over. For several years, Robert Fripp, the single common denominator in all incarnations of the group, was heavily involved in litigation with EG, Virgin and other record scorpions. This legal grief is well documented in his diary – a combination of the mundane, English small town life, profound insights into music and his ever perceptive observations of the human condition. Plus, love and adoration of his wife, Toyah, and a beloved furry rabbit named WillyFred.

Fripp, the only real guy who call a band King Crimson proper, had retired from public performance and was clearly enjoying the basic pleasures of blissful domesticity.  As much as we fans might clamor for that one last Crimson concert or album, we had to respect his decision.

Then rumors and hints began to surface, followed by a ringing confirmation that a new King Crimson was forming and was in “go mode” for the fall of this year.

There was much jubilation. The 2014 lineup includes:

Robert Fripp – guitar
Mel Collins – sax
Pat Mastelotto – drums
Gavin Harrison – drums
Bill Rieflin – drums & synth
Jakko Jakzyk – guitar & vox
Tony Levin – bass & Stick

Painfully absent was everybody’s favorite guitarist-sound magician-singer-writer-frontman, Adrian Belew. How could there be a Crim without Ade?

There’s a saying about trusting the process and the process in all matters Crim require a trust and leap  of faith.”And all shall be well,” the poet says and so we trust in the artist’s judgment.

To read more and see the concert dates, go to Tony Levin’s blog.