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Study: W.Va. Correctional Officer Pay Low, Turnover High

Prison Bars

  A new report says correctional officers employed by the Division of Corrections have the lowest entry-level salaries in the nation.

The report released Monday by the Legislative Auditor’s Office says the entry-level salary for correctional officers is $22,141 annually. Illinois has the highest entry-level salary, $45,103.

Correctional officers earn about $16,400 less than their counterparts at the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

The report also says the turnover rate among correctional officers was 37 percent in fiscal 2014. But low pay likely wasn’t the only factor.

The report says other possible turnover factors include a stressful working environment and long shifts.

According to the report, correctional officers earning the entry-level salary would qualify for government assistance if they live in a single-income household with three or more people.