Study Shows Morgantown Businesses, Homes Have Energy-Saving Options


Businesses and homeowners in Morgantown have a variety of inexpensive options to significantly reduce their energy costs while also cutting greenhouse gas emissions, according to a report released on Monday, June 29.


Morgantown-based environmental consulting company Downstream Strategies compiled the report as part of a three-phase project. Commissioned by the Morgantown City Council’s Green Team, the project is funded by the Appalachian Stewardship Foundation and aims to reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions.


The first phase looked at the volume of greenhouse gasses being generated by houses and businesses in Morgantown. The second phase focused on how to reduce those emissions and save money in the process.


The report found that by doing small things like reprogramming existing thermostats, switching to more efficient light bulbs and investing in fairly cheap technology that makes buildings more heat-efficient, home and business owners can save a lot of money on energy costs.


“I mean the take-home message is, it’s crazy not to. It befits the businesses, it benefits the homeowners, it makes a cleaner environment. It’s a no-lose proposition,” Downstream Strategies President Evan Hansen said.


Hansen said the next phase of the project is to figure out how to best implement the cost-saving measures described in phase two. He also plans to take his findings to other cities and towns across the state.