Roxy Todd Published

StoryCorps: Mother, Daughter Talk Bravery and Acceptance in W.Va.


West Virginia Public Broadcasting and StoryCorps have teamed up for a series of conversations about religious faith told by West Virginians. We’ll be bringing you these conversations over the next few weeks.

In this interview, we hear from a woman who describes her relationship with God as “complicated”. Patience Deweese was interviewed by her 18-year-old daughter Keturah, who was interested in finding out about her mother’s time as a Jehovah’s witness and how her faith has evolved over time.

Patience Deweese now attends the Unitarian Universalist church in Charleston. In this interview, she talks about how a personal tragedy shook her faith.

Her advice to her daughter: “Have an open mind, and be brave.”

This interview was recorded as part of the American Pilgrimage Project, a partnership of the national nonprofit, StoryCorps, and Georgetown University’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs. This story was recorded in Charleston, West Virginia, and was produced by Dan Collison.

The director of the American Pilgrimage Project is Paul Elie. Adelina Lancianese, Anjuli Munjal, Christina Stanton, Gautam Srikishan, and Maura Johnson also contributed to this story.