Still No Decision on Possible UIC Well Near Decker's Creek


Energy Corporation of America still hasn’t made a final decision on whether to turn a natural gas well near Decker’s Creek in northern West Virginia into an underground injection well.

ECA hasn’t completed all of its investigation, says ECA spokeswoman Jennifer Viewig. ECA has an old well in Preston County near the water body Decker’s Creek. It’s looking to turn that site into what would be a Class Two Underground Injection Well. That means it would accept brine water and fluids from natural gas drilling operations and inject it into the ground there.

But it’s near one of the most popular recreation spots in northern West Virginia, Decker’s Creek. And when ECA first talked about doing this, to the Friends of Decker’s Creek, the organization wasn’t happy.

The group has held a public meeting to discuss the potential underground injection well  with local residents and has warned such a project could damage the improvements the watershed has achieved after years of acid mine drainage problems.