Solar Energy Fights for Footing in Ohio Valley


On this West Virginia Morning, states in the Ohio Valley are cultivating economic benefits by embracing clean energy, and we remember the Farmington Mine Disaster that occurred 50 years ago this week.

A recent Consumer Reports survey found more than 75 percent of Americans support increasing renewable energy. In states where coal-fired power dominates, adding more solar energy could be good for the environment and economy. But as Brittany Patterson reports, weak state policies across the Ohio Valley are casting some serious shade on solar energy.

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The Farmington Mine Disaster in Marion County occurred 50 years ago this week. As Molly Born reports, politicians, union officials, community members and families of the late miners observed the anniversary at a memorial service on Sunday.

Tom Breiding played his song “Farmington in Mannington” this weekend to remember the lives of the 78 miners who died.

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