Jessica Lilly Published

Small Town Firehouse Crumbling From The ‘Ground Up’


The Mullens Fire Department building is at risk of washing away, according to Fire Chief Justin England. He said the building itself is solid but the foundation is eroding from underneath. The building is located along the Guyandotte River in Wyoming County.

England said firefighters noticed a crack in the bay floor that lead them outside to see the damage. He said it’s an urgent matter because the right situation and the building could crumble to the ground.

Rebuilding or repairing at the current location isn’t an option since the river will continue to pose the same hazard.

The Mullens Fire Department is working with Region One Planning and Development Council to search for funding. The Council is one of 11 in the state that utilizes federal, state, and local funding to assist with projects concerning infrastructure development, and other facilities.

The department hopes to find funding to construct a new building in town just a few blocks over.

Without a solution, England worries about the community.

The building is used to house and protect equipment. England says the town’s fire house is often called a “light of the community” hosting hotdog dinners, toy drives and more.