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Shepherd University Enters International Exchange Agreement With Swiss Engineering School

Shepherd University Sign, McMurran Hall

Shepherd University has entered a cooperation agreement with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland.

The partnership with Zurich’s School of Engineering will allow for science, technology, and engineering students at both schools to study abroad, with the potential to cooperate on research projects and staff exchange in the future.

The exchange agreement makes studying abroad much more affordable. Samuel Greene, director for Shepherd University’s study abroad office, says lowering financial barriers is one of his goals.

“If you do an exchange agreement, then the students from Shepherd will pay exactly what they pay at Shepherd and almost all of their financial aid, including the West Virginia Promise Scholarship, which is pretty important for a lot of our local students, will apply,” Greene said.

Programs offered in English are available as part of the partnership, including multiple in engineering, as well as those in computer science, data science, aviation, and transportation.

This is the seventh international school Shepherd University has entered an agreement with, including schools in Mexico, Japan and Scotland. As a former study abroad student himself, Greene says these types of programs help students grow academically and personally.

“It stretches you as an individual, figuring out, ‘How do I operate in this different cultural context?’” Greene said. “And it helps you realize how similar people are in other places, despite the differences.”

Greene says he hopes to get the program running as early as this spring. Interested students can find information about the program at Zurich University’s website or by contacting Greene directly.