Ashton Marra Published

Senator Supports Legislation Promoting Deer Farms


A Senate Committee saw controversy as House Bill 4286 was discussed.

The bill pulls the state deer farming program from the oversight of the Division of Natural Resources and puts it under the Department of Agriculture.

“The DNR has been doing everything in their power in recent years to squash that entire industry. They will not promote it, they’re trying to kill it,” said Sen. Daniel Hall in support of the legislation.

“We shouldn’t have to do what we’re doing, but in order to promote an industry, we’re trying to move it over to a department that has experience and knowledge in how to promote and regulate an agriculture industry and do it the right way.”

The state DNR has opposed the industry because they feel white tail deer are wild animals and should not be farmed.

Hall said the industry could diversify the economy of areas that are hurting, like southern West Virginia, and he’s calling for DNR Director Frank Jezioro’s resignation.