Caroline MacGregor Published

Sales Tax Holiday Benefits Back To School Shoppers

A Sales Tax Holiday announced by Gov. Jim Justice will help families save on back to school shopping this weekend

This weekend, West Virginia families can save money on back to school purchases.

From Friday, August 5 through Monday, August 8 families will be able to save money on purchases made during the state’s annual back-to-school Sales Tax Holiday.

Clothing, school supplies, laptops and sports equipment will qualify for the tax break with a savings of at least six percent on qualified purchases and up to seven percent in municipalities with a local sales tax.

There is no limit on the amount of the total purchase. The qualification is determined on the amount of the total purchase and by each individual item.

Bridget Lambert, executive director of the West Virginia Retailers Association, said the benefits are huge for families faced with inflation on every front.

“It certainly makes a big difference to families, particularly with multiple children or during the tough economy coming out of the pandemic last year, particularly,” Lambert said.Our stores saw a two and three fold increase in the shopping for school aged children during the weekend last year.”

While online purchases also qualify, items used in a trade or business are not considered eligible for the tax break.

Lambert added that the influx of school shoppers the tax break brings into their stores during a normally low summer season, is something retailers celebrate.

The Sales Tax Holiday will be all day Friday through Monday.

More information on the Sales Tax Holiday can be found on the West Virginia Department of Revenue’s website.