Shepherd Snyder Published

Salary Increase For Protective Service Workers Takes Immediate Effect


State protective service workers are set to receive a 20 percent salary bump with hopes that will fill vacant positions.

The new pay rate will take effect immediately for current and new employees. Current employees will also see a 10 percent increase in retention bonuses for those who have worked for two and four years, and a five percent increase to employees who have stayed on for six and eight years.

CPS workers in the Eastern Panhandle, a region that is severely understaffed, will offer a starting salary of $50,000 to compete with neighboring states.

The announcement was made during Gov. Jim Justice’s regular briefing, with DHHR Interim Director Jeff Coben providing the details.

“It’ll be what we think is a critical first step in our continued efforts to protect and assist West Virginia’s most vulnerable children, youth and adults,” Coben said during the briefing.

The move comes during a statewide childcare crisis. The DHHR reported that the state’s protective service workforce has been understaffed with at least one third of positions being vacant.

It follows other, similar initiatives were put in place last month that also attempt to address this worker shortage, including the addition of hiring bonuses in identified counties, and an executive order allowing retired employees to make a partial return while still benefiting from full retirement.