Shepherd Snyder Published

Round Of Funding To Support AmeriCorps W.Va. Volunteers

Two young women in green shirts pass out food at a foodbank.
West Virginia is receiving more than $1 million to support additional Americorps workers around the state.
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More than $1.5 million is going to support volunteers engaged in the AmeriCorps Vista program around the state. The program sends volunteers to local organizations that help fight poverty and support education programs.

The money will support 102 volunteers statewide, including 65 at three organizations in Charleston. That includes the nonprofits West Virginia Community Development Hub, Education Alliance and Step By Step, which helps disadvantaged youth in the coalfields region.

Thirty-two volunteers at West Virginia University in Morgantown and five at the Rural Appalachian Improvement League in Mullens will also be supported.

Specific funding includes:

  • $455,744 to West Virginia University Research Corporation in Morgantown
  • $448,812 to Step by Step in Charleston
  • $361,440 to West Virginia Community Development Hub in Charleston
  • $248,490 to Education Alliance – Business and Community for Public Schools in Charleston
  • $112,950 to Rural Appalachian Improvement League in Mullens

An initial $8 million was announced last week to help support AmeriCorps programs addressing literacy, diet health and opioid addiction prevention in the state.