Ashton Marra Published

Rockefeller Endorses Clinton for President


 West Virginia’s former Democratic U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller has announced his pick for the next President of the United States.

Rockefeller announced his endorsement of former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton in an editorial printed in the Charleston Gazette-Mail.

In it, Rockefeller recounts Clinton’s work as First Lady to get the Miners Act pushed through Congress in 1992. The legislation protected the healthcare and pension benefits of retired miners. 

Rockefeller also pointed to Clinton’s $30 billion proposal titled the Plan for Revitalizing Coal Communities that strengthens benefits for black lung patients and provides additional funding for schools in coal towns, among other things.

Clinton was criticized in recent months for a comment during a town hall in Ohio during which she said her energy plans were going to “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.” Clinton later apologized for the comment.

West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin has also endorsed Clinton, lending his support quickly after she announced her candidacy last year.

Republican Sen. Shelley Moore Capito has not yet endorsed a candidate.