Reporters Recap Sparks in the House and the Budget Outlook


An inflammatory poster displayed outside of the House of Delegates’ chamber by participants of West Virginia GOP Day at the Capitol, launched a firestorm of remarks Friday morning. Just as the Speaker of the House called the body to order, Del. Mike Pushkin stood and launched what would be a series of remarks – Democrats condemning hate speech, while Republicans defending freedom of speech.

It’s Friday, so that means it’s our weekly reporters roundtable. Host Suzanne Higgins is joined by Brad McElhinny of WV Metro News and Senior Statehouse Reporter Dave Mistich to discuss the week’s action. There’s only one week left of the regular 2019 West Virginia Legislative session.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Sparks fly in the House of Delegates over hate speech vs. freedom of speech
  • Tensions over LGBTQ rights and other social issues
  • What will our upcoming budget look like?
  • Likelihood for a special session on the teacher pay raise?
  • Status of SB 1 – the ‘last dollar in’ community and technical college bill
  • Is “Jim’s Dream” being fulfilled?
  • “Randy’s Dream,” creating a Special Road Repair Fund
  • Funding for tourism?
  • Funding for higher education? How does the campus carry bill fit in?

West Virginia First Lady Cathy Justice helped kick-off Women’s History Month with a celebration at the Capitol. Reporter Randy Yohe brings us the story.

As we enter the final week of this legislative session, we hope you’ll continue to tune in for nightly updates – and special programming next Saturday evening, March 9, as we broadcast live from the Capitol.