Reporters Recap Bills Related To Equipment Tax, Intermediate Courts, Criminal Justice Reform


The West Virginia Legislature has completed its third full week of the 2020 session. Several issues have stirred up debate so far, including a bill that would repeal a tax on manufacturing equipment and inventory and another that would create an Intermediate Court of Appeals. We bring you the latest on these issues and more on this week’s reporter roundtable.

Host Suzanne Higgins speaks with statehouse reporters Brad McElhinny of WV MetroNews, Lacie Pierson of The Charleston Gazette-Mail, and Steven Allen Adams of Ogden Newspapers.

Highlights from the roundtable:

  • SJR 8 – repealing the tax on manufacturing equipment and inventory
  • HB 4025 – changing publication requirements for legal ads
  • SB 275 – creating an Intermediate Court of Appeals
  • Update on the RISE flood recovery program and its connection to HB 4130 – related to competitive bidding for government construction contracts arising out of declared states of emergency
  • First bill to die on the House floor; HB 2433 – modifying the school calendar to begin not earlier than September 1 and end no later than June 7
  • HB 2419 – relating to the authorization to release a defendant or a person arrested upon his or her own recognizance
  • HB 4001 – creating the West Virginia Impact Fund

It was Agriculture and Conservation Day at the Capitol on Friday. Randy Yohe discovered what the “home grown” concept is all about.

Monday on The Legislature Today, we’ll bring you a focus on West Virginia’s veterans and related legislation.