Reporters Explore Trade Deal With China, Lawsuit Over Obamacare, And Latest Foster Care Legislation


Host Suzanne Higgins speaks with statehouse reporters to recap a week of legislative action. We also bring you a story looking at the newly created West Virginia Narcotics Intelligence Unit.

The day after announcing it in his State of the State address, Gov. Jim Justice issued an executive order creating a state-level Narcotics Intelligence Unit. The group is charged with gathering intelligence on drug crimes through forensic accounting and computer data analysis. Emily Allen reports. 

Higgins chats with Brad McElhinny of WV MetroNews, Taylor Stuck of the Huntington Herald-Dispatch, and Steven Allen Adams of Ogden Newspapers in this week’s reporter roundtable.

Highlights from the roundtable:

  • Trade deal with China
  • SB 284 – Creating the West Virginia Health Care Continuity Act
  • Lawsuit over the Affordable Care Act
  • Family Healthcare Network
  • Foster care legislation
  • 2016 Right-to-Work legislation in the West Virginia Supreme Court
  • SB 94 – Providing people with physical disabilities the ability to vote by electronic absentee ballot
  • Fairness Act

Monday on the Legislature Today, we’ll take a look at ceremonies honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and we’ll bring you the latest coverage of news and events from the Capitol.