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Report: Manufacturing Employment Down

“We will always be 100 percent made in America; we’ll always manufacture our of Wheeling, West Virginia; we will always handle with U.S. hickory and ash; and, we will always use our U.S. Union Labor,” said VP Phillip Carl.

A new report shows West Virginia has lost more than, 1,100 manufacturing jobs over the past year.

Data from the 2016 West Virginia Manufacturers Register show manufacturing employment in the state dropped by 1.4 percent, or 1,184 jobs, from July 2014 to July 2015. Manufacturers employed a total of 78,144 workers.

Coal industry employment declined by 4 percent during the period. Other sectors posting job losses included industrial machinery and chemical processing.

Employment in the oil and gas industry was virtually unchanged.

Two sectors gained jobs. Employment in primary metals increased by 4.3 percent and medical instruments and related products posted a 1.9 increase.

The register is an industrial database and directory published by Manufacturers News Inc.