Rehab Center Offers Dietary Supplement to Help Through Detox


On this West Virginia Morning, detoxing from drugs is a subject more people than ever throughout the Ohio Valley have experience with… Some people are turning to dietary supplements to help ease that pain. This story and more on this West Virginia Morning.

Members of the West Virginia Legislature have begun the rare process of deciding whether impeachment proceedings are necessary for one of more state supreme court justices. Dave Mistich has more.

While FDA-approved medications are available to help with the painful withdrawal experienced by those coming off opioid drugs, some reach instead for dietary supplements. The supplement market is the Wild West when it comes to regulation and oversight which has many concerned, but proponents say people need more options for help during recovery. As part of a series called: Ripple Effects of the Opioid Crisis, ideastream’s Anne Glausser has this story about a rehab center that uses a supplement as part of its treatment protocol.

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